Subscription - Pair of Suspension ball joints upper Left & Right (OEM quality)


Subscription - Upper suspension rod ball joints - Exclusive new production - OEM Standard

New project, on usual L'Agence CX quality standard

To fit all Citroën CX from 1975 to 1991, saloon, Safari...

Forged spare parts "Made in France" matching the OEM quality.

Benefits :
- base material same as original parts, for similar life lenght 
- adjustment quality ot the machining side, for a safe press fitting 
- double bellows as the original part, to withstand the stresses of the hub 

Practical advice
- always change both rod balls at the same time

Similar to parts n° 3MA 5 429 314 + 9MA 79 03 034 019 (Nylstop screw)

Quantité 1 = 1 pair : left & right





Subscription : reservation with special discount

Payment only by bank transfer or credit card, specifying your order reference (9 letters code).

Goods are shipped once subscription has ended, and parts produced : expected by the end of 2020.

In case of subscription failure (lack of reservations), contributors will be refunded. 

Many thanks for your confidence


Data sheet

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5 cm
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